All the Money Advance

Measures: 170 x 82 x 53

Weight: 285 kgs.

Speed coin accept: 9/sec

Coins storage: 12.000 units

Notes storage: 1.000 units

Notes recycling: 300 (3x100)

Notes dispenser: 2x1.000 units

It’s the most advanced and largest model in the All the Money family. It is designed to serve the biggest bingos, casinos, bets rooms, gaming saloons… that need lot of cash they move. All the Money Advance is perfect for casinos, bingos, gambling rooms, betting halls that make numerous payments. All the Money Advanced has all the items of All the Money and in add two notes dispensers up to 1.000 units each one of any denomination solution, so that in this way we can be totally calm, as our local will never stocked. Furthermore, if your gaming hall is very busy, can operate two or more All the Money in the same place, in complementary mode.