Our values ​​and history

Our rules and the way of thinking for the people who make Ruan, define the fundamental character of the company, creating a sense of identity and belonging, promoting ethical behavior professional, (personal and social) and flexible capacity to agree common targets.

From this starting point, in Gistra we always bet for our friends and customers from many different aspects.

Our support is a history of over 30 years in the gaming sector.

A fact which sets us apart from our competition. We know the demands and problems of the operators, bingo an casinos entrepreneurs; we know by heart the technical development of our market and the emergence of new gaming devices with the problems that entails.
Therefore, after much investigate through the market and having cashiers imported from other European countries, we had must to take a step forward. We had to make a new product, to completely meet the needs of the gaming saloons, casinos and bingos, with a competitive price, evolving the product to new needs, secure, with the latest technology and all complemented with personalized service to each of our customers, where the proximity of the service offered is an undeniable added value to complement perfectly our most rigorous quality standards.

With all these ingredients, was born All the Money, a cash machine that knows all the people in the gaming sector in Spain, which we continue developing with new payment devices that are the greatest demonstration of our enthusiasm and the guarantee of growing together.