All the Money is more than a change machine. All the Money is an integral and global solution to all the problems that may result in casinos, bingos, game and betting saloons for the accumulation of large amounts of cash.

On one side, with All the Money can satisfy all the operations we want to change (from coins to notes and in reverse), to adapt to the needs of each player. Also, All the Money enables us to manage directly all payments of handpays and normal payments of our roulettes, bets machines, jackpots, VLT or any gaming machine in general, without having accumulated large amounts of money in the rooms. The liquidation of any payment manually generated by gaming machines can be doing for All the Money, minimizing the risk of human error in dispensing. As a complement to this function, allows to our managers introduce the money accumulated from the sale bar, bets, drinks, tickets… to All the Money and at the same time can be used to make payments to ours suppliers. All this is complemented by a full range of accounting, configuration and remote management, directing ultimately to prevent robberies and that staff can directly access the money.

All the Money

It’s our classic model and the first step of a generation of cash machines that has revolutionized the market, putting the latest technology available to everyone.

All the Money Advance

It’s the most advanced and largest model in the All the Money family. It is designed to serve the biggest bingos, casinos, bets rooms, gaming saloons…

All the Money Reduce

Do you have a small gaming saloon, bingo or small pieces of gaming machines or VLT? Simply do you want to save a lot of money buying a cash machine? This is the solution!